2015 Colorado State Championships-July 11, 2015

Finally getting around to posting stage pics. Toughest competition I have ever stood against, kudos to the amazing athletes on stage. Special thanks to my sponsors: ReadyFitGo : Healthy take away for meal prep, total lifesaver. Max Muscle Nutrition Denver for the best supplements and undying support. Action Spine & Sports Medicine for holding this tired, beat up, and worn out bod together and keeping it tuned and running like a race engine. Most of all, biggest thanks to the mastermind behind it all, my coachWatty Watt Allen Watkins. Team TnT for life! And finally, my workout partner and brother who endured all my 90 min lifts till 10 pm, Brian Firkins, best support a guy could have. Love you all!


Burn, baby, burn…


Two hours of cardio…..

and an hour plus lifting daily…. This old man is tired, soaking blisters in epsom salt, dry needling tendonitis to hold the bod together. Seven meals a day and gallons of water, sleep deprived…. But DAMN it feels good to be on that show grind again!



Coaching Stevee Kay

This girl just departed the world of pageantry as 2013 Miss Colorado to enter the fitness world and Stevee Kay rocked the prejudging! Killed it with flair and stage presence! Thanks goes out to posing & prep coach Melissa Lorenzo who was A-mazing! Head coach Brian Firkins made the entire thing happen. …. And I was honored to be named coach as well for coming around and busting her chops once in a while. Was amazing to be a part of it and proud of this girl I call little sister

Post workout family dinner!

family dinner

A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

This valentines day, I received a very special gift. She took consummate time & effort to take a copy of the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition magazine I was featured in, and have it custom framed & matted. It now resides on my office wall! This was one of the biggest moments in my life, and she had it immortalized!  So thoughtful, so meaningful. Touched my heart……

Max Muscle Delivery!

Like Christmas when Max Muscle delivers! Supplement Resupply! Many friends have asked me recently to help them with diet plans…. guys, I’m NOT a certified dietitian, I’m a real estate broker, lol. Plus… everyone is different! Different bodies need different nutrition – go to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver where the REAL experts (all certified) can custom tailor a plan for YOU!


It’s Leg Day…

Today = leg day. My Monday workout partner and I have pushed each other to new heights on leg day, straight falling off the curb, can’t walk due to spasm leg day. Psycho in the gym and a lady on the streets! That’s right, guys – SHE – motivation comes in all shapes.  That means Wednesday = please take a message, I can’t hobble to the phone – where’s my crutches? We need to get U2 to remake the song… “Monday, bloody leg day”.

Brian MaxForm Life Challenge Top 10 Contestant

Honored and flattered to have MaxMuscle ColoradoSprings post this today! This transformation has not only changed my body, but my LIFE, every aspect of it. One of the biggest pieces of advice I could ever offer: at least once in your lifetime, do something truly great FOR yourself! You deserve it! To all my Colorado Springs friends…. visit this Colo Sprgs Max Muscle location, and let them help you find the joy that I have found! They are GREAT to work with! Brody Hall Amy Cobb Vanderwege Chris Lockhart

Brian MaxForm Life Challenge Top 10 Contestant

Happy New Year!

As 2013 draws to a close, I hear many people say it was the best year, or the worst year. I sit and reflect, feeling very lucky & blessed as 2013 was the best year of my life so far! On all topics: goals accomplished, exceeded, health, fitness, travel, career growth, personal growth, relationships of all natures and types, opportunities, lucky breaks, and surprises. This year was beyond my wildest dreams and I leave it with satisfaction. I wish to thank all those that helped make it happen, supported and watched it happen, pushed, dragged, held my hand or sprinted by my side. Thank you all for being a part of my life!!! And the best part: tonight I do not lament the end of the best year of my life, because all signs indicate that 2013 was actually setting the stage, laying the groundwork for 2014 to be even better. To my dear friends of 2013, come with me as we enter this new year with excitement, and FLY!!

New Year

Ready Fit Go!

Just popped in to check out the newly opened location! This stuff looks SCRUMPTIOUS! Frankly, can’t wait to be off my show prep diet to make these meals my daily staple. Gourmet and so healthy I’ll stay lean! Bam!

Ready Fit Go!


This is why my meals are prepped by Johnny Hoang at ReadyFitGo:Healthy Take Away.



Starbucks Americano, cinnamon, and Max Muscle Iso-x vanilla protein. A healthy dessert like treat! Get it at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver 1550 S Colorado Blvd. Delicious!


Max Muscle Corporate Photo & Video Shoot! October 2013

I have been honored by the invitation to the headquarters of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Orange County, Calif for an exciting shoot with 4 other finalists from this year’s MaxFormation top 10! Like living a dream I never thought I’d see after 13 years of being overweight, can’t believe this is happening to ME!

No place like home

Metroflex Long Beach was super cool, but there’s no place like home. Day one depletion workouts, home stretch till the Colo GNC Natural NPC stage, where I show this GNC sponsored event what a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver athlete can do! Team Mayhem, machine mode! home

Machine Mode

Photo shoots done, 5 days and a wake up till the NPC stage, entering week of depletion workouts. I have officially abandoned “beast mode”. Am now entering…. “Machine Mode”.


Ready Fit Go!

Dieting like a pro: just picked up this week’s meals from Ready Fit Go! This week I’ll consume 5 tilapia & yams, 7 oats & 99% lean ground turkey, 7 chicken and broccoli, and 21 tilapia & asparagus. 5 days from photo shoot, 13 days from stage! Excited to be lean! This is how Team MissFits & Mayhem does it!! The turkey smells so good its hard to resist till its scheduled time….

Ready Fit Go

Generation Iron

At the opening night of Generation Iron reppin’ the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver shirt amongst our people, and who is here but the star of the film itself, Phil Heath! Now THAT’S a big man!


Workout on the Rocks



Red Rocks Workout Video

Truth behind the myth

Myth: “I’d use supplements but they are too expensive”
Fact: They are cheaper than the vodka you destroy your body with!! And with a sale like this, there’s no excuse! I got about $550 worth for $320. This will last me MONTHS…. At the cost of one night’s bottle service in a club



2013 Summer Off Season, Summer 2013