Meal Prep!

May 19

All things revolve around Ready Fit Go!

May 17


Earlier today, a chance NPC competitor reunion, all picking up bulk orders! So good to see great friends Stephanie Mola, Michael Lee & Rachel Fisher walked in moments later!

Meal portion mondays. Turn up the Kaskade on pandora and get to work.

May 11

Post workout family dinner!

family dinner

Thought I’d be smart and get a salad for lunch from Whole Foods.

Looks great! $26.75. Back toReadyFitGo : Healthy take away for me!


“Try our new meal recipe”, he said.









Lemon garlic tilapia & asparagus. This is what I ate 3 times a day before my last NPC shows…. There’s nothing boring about it when its made by Ready Fit Go! I’d eat this recreationally! It was great. Dieting made easy, show prep made enjoyable…. Well played, Ready Fit Go, well played…..

There was a time when my “justification” for a bad diet and getting fat was “too busy, work too much, no time outside of career”.

Solution: 1. Office Microwave. 2. Office fridge. 3. Stock it with Ready Fit Go. No more excuses! And it works…



What an amazing day in the office, NOW I’m visited by Cordon Bleu certified & acclaimed master chef, Taytum Betting!!

She brought me ham hock cabbage stew!!! AMAZING!! Such rich flavor… Folks, if you need an executive chef or for a special occasion…let me TELL ya! I don’t know what I did to deserve such treats but…. I love my friends!!! I’m a lucky boy today!



When one has 3.2 seconds to eat, and its got to be clean…thank god for my Ready Fit Go. Cooking? “Ain’t nobody got tiiime fo’ DAT!” Thanks for inventing a great concept,¬†Johnny Hoang. Don’t know what I would do without ya..


This is either artificial food…. Or this is the best phone camera on the market! So vibrant! Who needs and SLR?


Because sweet potatoes are on my diet plan!


Between prejudging and finals at the NPC Max Muscle Mile High – with my Ready Fit Go meals, workin’ the expo

Brian 5

When you absolutely, positively, really can’t cook….

Or Have to busy of a lifestyle to fool with it! We have…. Ready Fit Go. Ultra clean, gourmet taste, nutritional values on the grab & go container. I seem to REALLY like it!!


Patio Lunch!



I always get a kick out of posting pictures wherever I happen to be, when OUT of the office, when I sell a house. Today, a listing went under contract as I sat on the patio at Wahoo’s having lunch with a friend. I’ve put properties under contract from rooftop bars, happy hour at Kona, hotel hot tubs….. Part of why I love what I do!!

New Recipes!



I’ve spotted new meal recipes at Ready Fit Go! So far I’ve tried the new steak & eggs & potatoes, new fave! This grab and go gourmet meals, but super lean, are the WAY TO GO for a busy lifestyle!