What an amazing day in the office, NOW I’m visited by Cordon Bleu certified & acclaimed master chef, Taytum Betting!!

She brought me ham hock cabbage stew!!! AMAZING!! Such rich flavor… Folks, if you need an executive chef or for a special occasion…let me TELL ya! I don’t know what I did to deserve such treats but…. I love my friends!!! I’m a lucky boy today!


Reacquainting myself with an old addiction


This is either artificial food…. Or this is the best phone camera on the market! So vibrant! Who needs and SLR?


Because sweet potatoes are on my diet plan!


If you gotta be addicted to SOMETHING…


Because washboard abs… Are made in the kitchen. Just not my kitchen, I can’t cook. Outsource!!!


New Recipes!



I’ve spotted new meal recipes at Ready Fit Go! So far I’ve tried the new steak & eggs & potatoes, new fave! This grab and go gourmet meals, but super lean, are the WAY TO GO for a busy lifestyle!


Personal recommendation! It may be “bulking season”, but still must eat clean, breakfast, lunch & dinner! Ready Fit GROW!!! Picking up meals at the DTC #ReadyFitGo #npc #mensphysique #diet

Ready, Fit, Go!

Ready Fit Go!

Just popped in to check out the newly opened location! This stuff looks SCRUMPTIOUS! Frankly, can’t wait to be off my show prep diet to make these meals my daily staple. Gourmet and so healthy I’ll stay lean! Bam!

Ready Fit Go!


This is why my meals are prepped by Johnny Hoang at ReadyFitGo:Healthy Take Away.


Ready Fit Go!

Dieting like a pro: just picked up this week’s meals from Ready Fit Go! This week I’ll consume 5 tilapia & yams, 7 oats & 99% lean ground turkey, 7 chicken and broccoli, and 21 tilapia & asparagus. 5 days from photo shoot, 13 days from stage! Excited to be lean! This is how Team MissFits & Mayhem does it!! The turkey smells so good its hard to resist till its scheduled time….

Ready Fit Go