Post workout family dinner!

family dinner

Thought I’d be smart and get a salad for lunch from Whole Foods.

Looks great! $26.75. Back toReadyFitGo : Healthy take away for me!


“Try our new meal recipe”, he said.









Lemon garlic tilapia & asparagus. This is what I ate 3 times a day before my last NPC shows…. There’s nothing boring about it when its made by Ready Fit Go! I’d eat this recreationally! It was great. Dieting made easy, show prep made enjoyable…. Well played, Ready Fit Go, well played…..

There was a time when my “justification” for a bad diet and getting fat was “too busy, work too much, no time outside of career”.

Solution: 1. Office Microwave. 2. Office fridge. 3. Stock it with Ready Fit Go. No more excuses! And it works…



I apologize in advance for whatever fate may befall my workout partners.

My new pre workout I discovered at Olympia has arrived in the mail. Most energy yielding drink I’ve ever had. And its a brand authorized to be carried at Max Muscle! Side effects may include hyperactivity, temporary ADD, verbal diarrhea, overtraining, sweating, excessive reps & sets, and accelerated gains.


Todays first leg exercise:

6 plates x 25 reps warmup, 10 plates x 20 reps warmup, 16 plates x 15, 20 plates x 10 reps (peak, pictured), 18 plates x 10, 16 plates x 12. On to the next. Missing out, Alicia Tait, Lara Fortune, &Brian Firkins!



When one has 3.2 seconds to eat, and its got to be clean…thank god for my Ready Fit Go. Cooking? “Ain’t nobody got tiiime fo’ DAT!” Thanks for inventing a great concept, Johnny Hoang. Don’t know what I would do without ya..


Another hump day leg day in the books. Please don’t request any deep knee bends from me on friday!


Always so good to go on vacation…. But then feels SO DANG GOOD to get back under some IRON.


Reacquainting myself with an old addiction


Finally got to try IFBB Pro Larissa Reis’ famous spot! It was great! Lunch with gym buddy first thing after landing in Vegas at a meathead haven? Priceless..


Saturday LEG day fun!

Fourth set, just over 1,000 lbs x 8 reps, full 90 degrees. Fueled by product Full Blown XXX by Max Muscle Sports Nutrition… Get it at 1550 S Colorado Blvd, ask for Brian Cristina or JD Lehman for your custom tuned diet and supplementation plan (since several friends recently asked!)…. Love this stuff! Notice: dont ask me to run stairs on Monday.


My other favorite place, Max Muscle!

Restocking on some of the best supplements you can buy. Love referring friends to those who have helped me so much in achieving my goals… And because the products are THAT DAMN GOOD! Professional and certified diet & nutrition plans by the Denver location’s GMBrian Cristina! They are pros!





This is either artificial food…. Or this is the best phone camera on the market! So vibrant! Who needs and SLR?


Lat pull downs. Lopsided style, lol! At least I amuse myself.


Liz is showing her home town Vegas how we do it here in the mile high bodybuilding mecca!


Where’s Waldo? Busy gym…Friday grind! Feels good to be back, even if only half of me, lol.


At the NPC USA’s watching our amazing athletes from Denver! Congrats Aly!


Because sweet potatoes are on my diet plan!


If you gotta be addicted to SOMETHING…


Between prejudging and finals at the NPC Max Muscle Mile High – with my Ready Fit Go meals, workin’ the expo

Brian 5

Congrats on 1st call outs middle position to Alexandre Marx Carneiro!


Because washboard abs… Are made in the kitchen. Just not my kitchen, I can’t cook. Outsource!!!


These steps are definitely not within building code.

brian 2

When you absolutely, positively, really can’t cook….

Or Have to busy of a lifestyle to fool with it! We have…. Ready Fit Go. Ultra clean, gourmet taste, nutritional values on the grab & go container. I seem to REALLY like it!!


Vacation Time



Living life right. Much needed little vacation! Back to my beloved other home. Picking up my brother’s new car, so proud of him for his accomplishments and achieving his goals, glad I could be here to be a part of it!

Breakfast is Served!

For 4 months. Four gallons of egg whites! Yum! #fitfreak #healthylifestyle #muscleegg #npc#meatheadproblems



Patio Lunch!



I always get a kick out of posting pictures wherever I happen to be, when OUT of the office, when I sell a house. Today, a listing went under contract as I sat on the patio at Wahoo’s having lunch with a friend. I’ve put properties under contract from rooftop bars, happy hour at Kona, hotel hot tubs….. Part of why I love what I do!!

Chuck Norris



Courtesy of the creativity of Jordyn Hollander, fellow Chuck Norris joke enthusiast!!

Mullets and Moster Trucks


Throwback Thursday?? Oy. OK….. 1993, high school senior pic, with monster truck & Mullett !! Baahahaaa!




I used to be famous for posting about my Pho addiction about 3-4 times per week. Its been about a year since I’ve had it! Relapse in progress!! Figured I better post it for old times sake, lol.