Welcome to my story, welcome to my life.

This site is a pictorial & blog representation of an amazing journey I have undertaken, and continue along, a journey of personal transformation. It started with a simple desire to get in great shape and lose a lot of weight, and then became so very much more. What started with a physical transformation soon evolved in to a total overhaul, a transformation of diet, lifestyle, career and productivity, pastimes and interests, emotional well being, relationships, and overall total and complete happiness.

Somewhere along the line, it became evident that I had motivated some folks, inspired, and gave them hope that they could do the same. I was flattered, as that was not what I ever intended or was trying for, but very honored that it occurred. Old friends and new came to me for advice, motivation, guidance, or even just to share stories, and then one day a dear friend suggested a great idea - create a website where friends can watch, read, see photos, follow my progress, and have a laugh along the way.

My hope is to use it to help others derive benefit & find the happiness that I have achieved, and am continuing to grow.
I'm honored to have you aboard this wild ride with me, as I ....... Reinvent Brian Furer!

Brian Furer artsy

2015 Brett Seeley B&W Artistic post Colo State Shoot

Another amazing shoot with the famous and ultra talented Brett Seeley! This one took a lot of guts, admittedly a very new experience for me- but the result is pure art!   [Show picture list]

2015-07-19 00.33.09-1

2015 Dustin Sheffield Western Americana Shoot Pre Colo State

Shooting again with one of my favorite photographers and creative masterminds, Dustin and Natalie Sheffield of DSP Active. This time, a country western blend with Americana. This shoot was such fun to produce! Special thanks to Alicia Tait, who supplied the horses, location, and her angelic smile to make this shoot complete. The resulting images […]


Posing class at the mile high mecca

2 weeks till state and 19 days till masters nationals. GRIND.


Workin’ on my selfie game.

Late workout but gotta do it. Excuses = LAST PLACE.  


Training for 2015 Colorado State Championships

Finally getting around to posting stage pics. Toughest competition I have ever stood against, kudos to the amazing athletes on stage. Special thanks to my sponsors: ReadyFitGo : Healthy take away for meal prep, total lifesaver. Max Muscle Nutrition Denver for the best supplements and undying support. Action Spine & Sports Medicine for holding this […]


Chapter 5.1: pre-2013 Rocky Mtn NPC photoshoot with Brett Seeley

My fourth NPC competition of 2013, the Rocky, the best shape of my life. After the show ensued vacation, holidays, surgery, catching up on work – I just realized I never posted the photos! Here are a few to begin with. Special thanks to my sponsor Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (corporate), and locally to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Denver. […]

Maxformation Challenge Finalists Photo Shoot

Flattered and honored to have been a part of this once in a lifetime experience. Special thanks to the people who pushed, pulled, dragged, encouraged & supported me through my journey that was 2013: coach Chris Williamson Ifbb Pro at The Gym, Adam Kreisher, Jesse Lehman & Billy Heusen at Mile High Max Muscle on Colo Blvd, Johnny Hoang & Tiffany Mai at Ready Fit Go, Jeff […]


Dustin Sheffield lifestyle shoot 11 Oct 2013

I was approached by a photographer whom I had never truly known, worked with, or even seen his work, but I “went for it”. The experience was amazing – fast, efficient, organized, sets pre planned and lighting preset, highly creative and a joy to work with. As we shot and I previewed, I saw his […]